Maintenance Dashboard, the final Version

This page contains the final (at this point in time) version of the Maintenance Dashboard including all steps and scripts you need!

20.04.2012 Removed some hickups from the scripts. Special Thanks to my colleague Richard Ch.

Get Prepared

Please install APEX 4.1 and create an APEX Workspace with the name MAINTENANCE (Let Apex create the schema. Schemaname should also be MAINTENANCE). I will refer to the APEX Workspace as MAINTENANCE in the future. If you choose a different name, well that is not my problem.

Database Stuff

Get the needed Oracle components. The scripts profload.sql and proftab.sql are part of your database. I will not distribute them.

Download and Unpack...

this into a folder of your choice.

Run as Sys...

Run the script profload.sql to install the dbms_profiler package.
Run the script runAsSys.sql to create the MAINTENANCE_DB database schema with all needed privilges.


Run the script proftab.sql to install the dbms_profiler tables and sequence.
Run the script runAsMaintenance_Db.sql to install the database components and grant the privileges to the schema MAINTENANCE.

After that grant the necessary privileges to the HR schema and create the necessary synonyms.

GRANT INSERT,UPDATE,SELECT ON plsql_profiler_runs TO hr;
GRANT INSERT,UPDATE,SELECT ON plsql_profiler_units TO hr;
GRANT INSERT,UPDATE,SELECT ON plsql_profiler_data TO hr;
GRANT SELECT ON plsql_profiler_runnumber TO hr;

GRANT EXECUTE ON sys.dbms_profiler TO hr;

CREATE SYNONYM hr.plsql_profiler_runnumber FOR maintenance_db.plsql_profiler_runnumber;
CREATE SYNONYM hr.plsql_profiler_runs FOR maintenance_db.plsql_profiler_runs;
CREATE SYNONYM hr.plsql_profiler_units FOR maintenance_db.plsql_profiler_units;
CREATE SYNONYM hr.plsql_profiler_data FOR maintenance_db.plsql_profiler_data;

Howto run dbms_profiler...

In this example as schema HR



  --TBD Some procedure calls e.g.



Add Shared Components

Upload the files Custom.js (Static Files), Crimson_23.css(Cascading Style Sheets) and Scarlet_21.css(Cascading Style Sheets) as shared Workspace components to Workspace MAINTENANCE.

Import Application

Import the script MaintenanceDashboard into Apex Workspace MAINTENANCE.

Contact me if something went wrong

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