Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2016

The next page using the wizard

Okay, lets create the form using the page wizard.

Of course, we use the Form wizard,

and especially the Tabular Form wizard to create a single region.
Our form is based on the view maintenance_db.plsql_profiler_runs_vw and we want to be able to update and delete records. We use the column runid as primary key, and keep the existing trigger to handle updates and deletes (No additional functionality inside the page). Also we decide, that it shall be only be possible to update the column RUN_COMMENT.

Please refer to the screenshot for the other seetings. And of course do not associate the page with the Navigation Menu.

And the result looks like:

Like the Profiler runs page. That is not exactly, what I wanted,but maybe I can add the Percent Graph column here and remove the other page. Please notice, that this page already has all the functionality, that we had to create manually in APEX 4.1.

On the other side we will loose the nice functionality connected to the interactive report.

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