Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2016

Ever wanted to change the name of a page and show it in the Navigation menu as well?

I started with a page HOME as in Apex 4.1, but then I decided that I wanted to use the nice Navigation menu on the left hand side, skip the HOME page and start with the PROFILER page instead.

First approach => Update the name and the Title attribute in the page designer from



Naaaa, thats not what I expected.

So in fact we have to change some settings in the applications Shared Components section to change the Navigation Menu and the Breadcrumbs.

So for the Navigation Menu:

  • open the Shared Components page
  • find the Navigation section
  • pick the Navigation Menu link
  • pick the Desktop Navigation Menu list
  • open the entry named Home
  • finally change the List Entry label on the Entry tab to whatever you want in this case to "Profiler"
For the Breadcrumb:
  • open the Shared Components page
  • find the Navigation section
  • pick the Breadcrumbs link
  • pick the Breadcrumb entry from the Breadcrumbs list
  • open the entry named Home
  • finally also change the Short Name to whatever you want in this case to "Profiler"


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