Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

The next page...

I add a blank page in advance. I add it now, because I want to control the page numbers. This post will explain the necessary steps in detail.

I will only do this once. If you are an advanced APEX developer please skip this post!

I create a blank page (no rocket science)

I force it to have page number 4, because I like to have straight numbers (maybe I have to rethink my numbering for bigger apps).

I choose the name PLSQL Profiler Run Details for this page and the breadcrumb and pick the breadcrumb "PLSQL Profiler Runs" as parent entry.  Breadcrumb done without any extra steps.

I connect this page to the "Profiler" tab in the already existing tab set. Tabs done without any extra steps.

I confirm my changes.

And the result looks like this (approx 3 minutes later, and I'm still a novice).

Ps.: It does not make any sence to clone this page. You will have to pick the breadcrumb and tab settings anyhow. Next time I will build a master detail page out of this empty one.

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