Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Getting started...(3) adjust Tabs

I like the breadcrumbs and how they act (until now) so nothing to improve here. But Tabs only makes sense if there are more than one.
So I will rename the first tab to Maintenance Dashbord and add a second one named  Profiler on the same level. All profiler related pages will belong to the profiler tab.

Tabs are shared components yada yada :) So lets change (manage) them.

I click on the pen to edit the Home tab. I change the Tab label to Maintenance Dashboard and remove the pages 2,3 from the "Tab Also Current for Pages" edit box to reset the tab information for those pages and apply the changes (of course).

I click the dashed add button next to the Maintenance Dashboard tab to create a new tab on that level and label the new tab Profiler.

I set the "Tab Current for Page" to Page 2.

Keep the sequence 20.

No conditions.

And create the Tab.

Nearly done. I only have to set the "Current Tab" for Page 3.So I edit the profiler tab and add 3 to the "Tab Also Current for Pages" edit box.

And now lets enjoy the result.

So the basic work is done.
And here is the link => Maintenance Dashboard V1.0 (No rocket science so far)

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