Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Getting started...(1)

Ok lets get started with the application. So the first 2 pages are nothing special. If you are familar with APEX you can skip this post. I will add the sources anyway.
Most of the time I will use the wizard to gain some progress. Sometimes I even use the wizard to create dummypages and copy the objects that I need.
So here we are creating a new database application from scretch!

I name the application maintenance dashboard, because I don't want to limit it to profiler handling only.

I start with 3 "blank" pages. 2 for navigation purposes only.

  • Home will be the Homepage of our Maintenance Dashboard
  • Profiler Home will contain all the entrypoints into our profiler application
  • Profiler Runs will be one of those entry points andour first real application page
I choose one level of tabs

No shared components

keep the authentication schema and adjust the date (time) formats (see screenshot)

I like the red theme for now

And confirm the new application

The complete process should take not longer then 5 minutes and leaves me with a nice application stub. Please let me know if find a way to use the pages wizzard in a later stage as well.

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