Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

A form region to update Profiler Run information

Ok lets gets ome life into Page 4. I know that we could have done it in one step (shame on me). At this point in time it will be just a location where I can link to, but don't worry, I will fix that soon.

I start with creating a region on Page 4

choose "Form" as type for the region.

decide to use a "Form on Table or View" as form type

The Form is based on the "plsql_profiler_runs" table

I only change the region name PLSQL Profiler Runs and the Region template Form Region. Everything else has been defined during the page creation and will remain.

I set the runid as primary key column and keep "Existing trigger" as Source type. I doesn't matter anyhow, because we don't want to create Data in this application.

In the next steps I pick the columns that I want to see in the form (everything except spare and comment1 for now)

prevent the creation of the "create" button

define page 3 as branch target

and confirm my decisions.

And that result will look like this

Breadcrumbs and Tabs are just fine. I will come back later to change the behaviour of the form. The cancel button branches to page 3 no way back so far.

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