Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

An entry point to Page 4...

Page 4 is available now, but there is no entry point into this Page. I will link the records from page 3 to page 4.

  • open the Report Attributes => Link Column tab for the region PLSQL Profiler Runs
  • set the link column to "Link to custom Target"
  • pick a nice Link Item
  • set Target to "Page in this Application" and Page to 4
  • Name to "P4_RUNID" and Value to "#RUNID

confirm the changes and the Page looks like this

A click on the link Item will navigate to Page 4 and *it's magic* will fill the Form with the linked record.

Don't think about Page 4 in the moment! First we will add some more functionality to page 3.

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